Chuk Chuk Train To China

Chuk Chuk Train To China

During your schooling or graduation studies, you might have heard about Silk Route in your social studies. The very Route along which trade flourished like anything. For a modern reader, it might be hard to trace the Silk Route of the old times.

But this might take you by surprise – Silk Road train from Britain to China, something akin to Silk Route of ancient times.

The Silk Road train is the first-ever freight train from Britain to China carrying whiskey, soft drinks and baby products. It’s an 18-day journey traveling 12, 000 kilometers through Channel Tunnel, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan before entering into China.

The train containing 32 containers and 600 meters long left from the vast London Gateway container port on the River Thames estuary, bound for Yiwu on the Chinese east coast.

So why a freight train to China?

As per the logistics companies, the rail route is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight offering them a new middle option. By the way, it is necessary for Britain to look for new trade avenues, as the country opted to the European Union. And it has already started through this.

The train’s containers will be taken off and put on different wagons at the Belarus border, as the former Soviet Union countries use a wider rail gauge. They switch back to standard gauge rails at the Chinese border.

Earlier, a train carrying clothes and retail goods from China arrived in Britain in January.

At Stanford – le- Hope on April 10, visitors thronged to send off waving the flags of British and Chinese as the driver tooted the horn and train made a chuk chuk on its mammoth journey.

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