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Electric cars in India

Electric Cars in India

Electric Cars in India How many electric cars do you see while you are on the road? Most of you would say Zero, It is quite true in India. Our country roads are filled with petrol and diesel cars which results in a large emission of pollution. But if we see the roads of Norway [...] Read More

Ather Electric Bike

Ather Electric Bike Ather: Is it the Tesla of Indian Scooters? Introduction Ather Energy, Not sure how many of you heard this name. In 2013 it is just another startup like thousand others but today it stands out. Here’s why It is an electric vehicle company which is started by IITians Tarun Mehta and Swapnil [...] Read More
how to start a company

Startup company in Hyderabad by Divya Jain

Startup Company in Hyderabad by Divya Jain Introduction: Divya Jain started a company in Hyderabad after quitting three jobs and switched three startups companies. She is from Ujjain( an ancient city beside the Kshipra River in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh). But, she has done her MBA from ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education [...] Read More
things to remember when mba graduates start their own career

When MBA Graduates Start Their Own Business

Things To Remember When MBA Graduates Start Their Own Business What are the things to be remembered when an MBA graduate wants to stand on his/her own legs? Below are the few important points which need to be in everyone’s pocket. 1.Think- Ability to think & pretend the future market An entrepreneur should think before [...] Read More
Can startups bring wealth to ecosystem

Can startups bring wealth to ecosystem

Can startups bring wealth to ecosystem As days are passing away lot of startups are emerging in the market. While the start-up boom has seen the birth of multiple communities in different cities, the craze for entrepreneurship has also resulted in a mushrooming of events, some which are not necessarily helpful for entrepreneurs. The formats [...] Read More

6 Questions to Ask-Before You Start a Business

6 Questions to Ask-Before You Start a Business While starting your own company there are many questions to be answered by yourself (generally called it as self evaluating). The questions might be related to financial, legal & business related questions. But, at the same time you need to focus on intangible questions. Here are the […]

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successful young entrepreneurs

Richard Branson to Young Entrepreneurs: ‘Just Do It’ Through the decades, whether they are up’s & down’s as an entrepreneur, Richard Bransonhas not lost that certain wunderkind vibe about him and the way he runs his Virgin group. This aura makes him especially inspiring to entrepreneurs who are looking to start young. These days most […]

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Amazon delivery boy start up his own company

Amazon delivery boy start up his own company Everyone’s intention is to get a product or a service to our doorstep without going through any hassles. The way that e-commerce websites has entirely changed the lifestyle & the mindset of the people by transforming into a digital way. Many startups have also entered the picture […]

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