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success in sales

Grit- The Virtue of Success in Sales

Grit – The virtue of success in sales Sales and its myths The sales profession is surrounded by myths; it is a profession for extroverts with an innate ability to communicate and convince people to buy what they do not want and thus making it a very unpredictable career option. These myths have distanced a [...] Read More
What is management

Management Courses After 12th

As per the recent study, we have analyzed 27+ management courses after 12th: In this competitive world, typically there are 40 different management courses after 12th. Few of the courses are since the 1990's and few of the courses are emerging as per the market needs. The most popular courses since 1990’s are finance, marketing [...] Read More
Women in management

Women In Management

Women constitute 48.5% of the population in India. The labor force participation rate for women in 2017 was 28.5% (compared to 82% for men). Gender pay gap high in India: Men get paid Rs 242 every hour, women earn Rs 46 less Increasing. Women’s labor force participation by 10 percentage could add $700 billion to [...] Read More


“The lack of money, the root of all evil”- Mark Twain Introduction to demonetization ́Demonetization was the root of evil for India for a period. It was more like an unleashed wind which destroyed many families in India and within overnight, they were pulled down to roads. The government of India declared on 8th of [...] Read More

Courses After 12th

10 popular courses after 12th that you need to know After completion of 12th standard, every student will be happy as if they have achieved something in their life. No….! Not at all. You have just started your journey. As it is a hot summer most of the students will have a long vacation trip. [...] Read More
What is management

What is Management?

Good management is the success of any organization. According to Mary Parker Follet “Management is the art of getting things done through people”. Management is necessary for organized activity and needed to run all types of management areas. Each and every organization such as political, business, social or culture and more involved in this management [...] Read More
How to crack an interview

How to crack an interview?

How to crack an interview for freshers/ experienced candidates? Most of the students have already attended the interview without any research or preparation. Whatever the result might-be happened has happened; no one can change the past. Most of the student's research about: 1. How to crack an interview for A) Freshers B) Experienced candidates C) [...] Read More


TS ICET-2019 TSICET extends to Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test. It is an entrance exam for MBA or PGDM courses to get admission in colleges/universities of Telangana state and its affiliated universities. Kakatiya University, Warangal in support of Telangana State Council for Higher Education(TSCHE) will release the notification and conduct TS ICET 2019 exam [...] Read More
Role of media in today's society

Role of Media in Society

What is the role of media in today's society? Role of media in society: Today media become a part of everyone’s life. Media plays a major role in today's society, now media become food to strengthen or weaken society. Purpose of Media The purpose of a media is to give information about current news, gossips, [...] Read More
College Life

College Life

College Life Story-Go Back To Your Golden Days How a college life be? Probably every student is wonder how college life will be after high school. Will it be like home? High school? Will, am I able to handle it? Once Phil Mickelson said, "I think a college education is important no matter What you [...] Read More