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Startup in vijawada

Electronic Accessories startup

Electronic Accessories startup in Vijayawada Probably most of us are not aware of an electronic accessories startup in Vijayawada. But, the journey started with a couple from Vijayawada in 2015. Previously while pursuing higher studies at Florida State University Viswanadh Kandula and Midhula Devabhaktuni met each other. After completion of their courses at Florida State [...] Read More

Trillion Dollar Company

Trillion Dollar Company- Apple Apple, The name is not just a ruler in the fruit world but also in the tech world. Apple created such a hype that many people around the world sold their kidneys to buy an iPhone. That craze hasn’t gone vain, Apple Inc. emerged as the First trillion dollar company in [...] Read More

Office Boy Turned Into Entrepreneur

An Office Boy- Turned Into Entrepreneur (Investment with 1K) Yes.., an office boy turned into an entrepreneur. It’s just unbelievable right..! Or else just read from the first line of the story. He started with an investment of 1K and owns a company of Rs 3c. In the year 1992 Muthukumar graduated from a physics [...] Read More