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PGDM HR Course The Post Graduation Diploma In Managment- Human Resources Management (PGDM-HRM) is the two years full-time program comparing four semesters of study and including projects. It is the highest quality program in the area of Human Resources Management as it is proactively designed to provide eligible, suitable, and competent HR professionals with sufficient [...] Read More


Types of RISK FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH MUTUAL FUNDS As we know Mutual Funds offers variety of schmes and portfolio of products in order to reduce the risk but remember it does not eliminate your risk completely even though you invest in equity market or debt market through Mutual Funds the risk associated with those markets […]

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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing In this competitive world every company wants to grow their business. One of the most important pillars to improve the sales of any business is marketing. Without any proper marketing any organization can’t sustain in the market. In order to be in the market companies from past decades are following […]

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A Perspective Note On NPA A few months ago there was ruckus on the TVs and dailies when liquor baron Vijay Mallya suddenly disappeared from the country. So much so the news became cause celebre. Why? He owes 6000cr to 14 Public Sector Banks. The very loans he took from the government banks, which take […]

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Foreign Direct Investment in India

Foreign Direct Investment in India : Overview In Economics parlance, Indian economy is said to be mixed economy. That is, it is neither liberal like the most of the western countries nor rigid as that of communist nations. There were a group of private capitalists in Bombay like Tata, Dalal, Godrej even before India attained […]

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Importance of Business Administration

Why do you choose Business Administration? Business administration is a wide field which includes many kinds of management positions. From higher businesses to independent business, every operation needs skillful administrator in order to get success. Because, normally they have lots of enthusiasm, they always prepared for the things to face. The people who are motivated […]

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How to prepare for campus placements

How to prepare for campus placements? Studying hard for hours together will not make a successful way for a successful career, but the skill oriented study which you are developed will make a way for a successful career in the corporate world. If you are aiming to place in any good company in the campus […]

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