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Dr. Sailesh Sampathy Interview at Big Disha

We plan to make 25% of classes activity-based and student responsive Dr. Sailesh Sampathy, VP & Dy Chief Executive Visit Profile #1. How much part of pedagogical practices relate to libraries, seminars and workshops at your institute? A: Students are expected to get exposure to off-classroom resources like library, seminars and workshops for about 25% [...] Read More
PGDM Entrepreneurship Development Career Opportunities

PGDM Entrepreneurship Development Career Opportunities

Scope & its career opportunities in PGDM Entrepreneurship Development In today’s world, we are all aware of the fact where demand in Entrepreneurship development is increasing day by day in business operations in India and across the globe. Entrepreneurship development focuses on understanding the behavioral planning of appropriate business abilities and gives Industrial oriental knowledge. [...] Read More
Leadership skills

Leadership Skills

“A leader leads by example, not by force” ~ Sun Tzu There are plenty of popular quotes on leadership and when we wanted to pick one for our blog, we noticed that each of these quotes describe the perspective an author has of what a leader should be and how each one of it is [...] Read More
PGDM Hospital management

PGDM Hospital Management

Important note to the students SSIM offers only 4 courses: PGDM Triple Specialisation, PGDM Marketing, PGDM BIFAAS & PGDM General. What is Hospital Management? Hospital management is one of the most recent concepts in Management courses. Hospital Management is known as the management or administration of hospitals. It delivers management skills for health care services. [...] Read More
PGDM in entrepreneurship development-

PGDM Entrepreneurship Development

Important note to the students SSIM offers only 4 courses: PGDM Triple Specialisation, PGDM Marketing, PGDM BIFAAS & PGDM General. An overview of PGDM Entrepreneurship Development The PGDM Entrepreneurship Development is planned as an observational learning action that enables scholars to such as research for new products/ ideas, service business plan with calculated resource planning, [...] Read More
What is management

Commerce Courses After 12th

40 Best Commerce Courses After 12th Before directly stepping into the topic, first, let us give you a clarity that this article is an extension of courses after 12th. Bachelor of Commerce is a course to associate degree program awarded in Commerce. It is designed to produce managerial skills to create ability in an exceedingly [...] Read More
success in sales

Grit- The Virtue of Success in Sales

Grit – The virtue of success in sales Sales and its myths The sales profession is surrounded by myths; it is a profession for extroverts with an innate ability to communicate and convince people to buy what they do not want and thus making it a very unpredictable career option. These myths have distanced a [...] Read More
HR analytics

HR Analytics

What is HR Analytics? HR analytics is a new “buzzword” in much forward-thinking, successful companies. In a nutshell, HR Analytics allows companies to use data and metrics in order to better understand their employees in the workspace, make changes where need be to better the organization. HR is now common in all the organizations; to [...] Read More
PGDM supply chain management

PGDM Supply Chain Management

General Introduction to the course: Supply chain management (SCM) is the broad range of activities required to plan, control and execute a product's flow, from acquiring raw materials and production through distribution to the final customer, in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible. What is PGDM Supply Chain Management? Supply Chain Management(SCM) is the [...] Read More
Women in management

Women In Management

Women constitute 48.5% of the population in India. The labor force participation rate for women in 2017 was 28.5% (compared to 82% for men). Gender pay gap high in India: Men get paid Rs 242 every hour, women earn Rs 46 less Increasing. Women’s labor force participation by 10 percentage could add $700 billion to [...] Read More