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Career in Digital Marketing- (Say ‘No’ To Coding…!)

When you look back to 1990’s we didn’t hear the term ‘digital’ but whereas in the present scenario the term digital has completely changed the lifestyle from children age group to old age group. The sad thing is that when you are surrounded by people; people won’t communicate with you because everyone is busy with smartphones by surfing the internet. Probably when you are browsing for some information on the internet you may encounter several things such as ads which are in the form of text ads, image ads or video ads. We often try to skip them. Few of them may be relevant to us but few of them are irritating to us and the most interesting one are blogs which provide useful information. Have you ever thought of creating those things? If you keen on learning and applying the things on the internet then you are eligible to start a career in digital marketing and at the same time, you have to know what is the scope of digital marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

1. As we see the world is going digital and by the end of 2020 all the software companies would promote the products and services online.
2. Day by day as technology is growing very fast it is easy to reach the target customers with the help of various digital marketing platforms.
3. Frankly speaking most of us are depending on the internet and mobile apps to perform our things as quickly as possible. For example payment of electricity bills, booking a cab, order food and purchasing grocery items online. By this, we can say that the human way of thinking and the buying behavior has changed.
4. The career opportunities in digital marketing are more and the only thing is skills are also required for a candidate. If a candidate is good in coding then it is better to go for web designing or if you have passion in reading and writing effective content then go for the content writer. You can choose your field in which you are comfortable.
5. No need to mug-up the formulas by having sleepless nights.
6. Most of the digital marketing agencies allow the employees to come in casual wear and say goodbye to formals.

career in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Industries:

So first, let us discuss the kinds of job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. Basically, we have 3 kinds of organizations as a digital marketing professional. The kind of work and variety of job profiles brings even more big opportunities in the career.
1. Agency
2. Leveraging a brand
3. Tools

I. Digital Marketing Agency: In this competitive world there is ‘n’ number of digital marketing agencies of various size. The good thing about them are a few of them are Google Partner. The services which are offered by these agencies are SEO, SEM/ PPC, SMO, SMM and Email Marketing. Based on the client requirement the agency will provide the service.

If you get an opportunity to work in a digital marketing agency it is a great platform to learn many things because you need work with different clients and different platforms(as mentioned above) based on the requirement. Here it is a great way to enhance your skills and improve your technical knowledge.


II. Leveraging a brand: It is also a great opportunity to work with a particular brand were you need to focus on one client and responsible for everything. As you gain experience you can become an expert and which is a great advantage to your profile. When we think of opportunities; opportunities are less when compared to agencies.

III. Digital Marketing Tools: When compared to the above two profiles there are fewer opportunities in the market for this profile. But, the good thing about it is you can learn one tool completely. You can also work with great platform companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc because they mostly depend on tools go get the accurate numbers. The work, culture, and atmosphere associated with these companies are totally different when compared to the other two profiles and these are highly paid profiles.

Job Profiles in Digital Marketing:

1. Content Writer
2. SEO Executive
3. Social Media Executive
4. PPC Executive
5. Email Marketing
6. Digital Marketing Executive

So, let us describe each profile in a detailed manner.

I.Content Writer: If you think you can write better blogs than which is already available on the web pages then this role is suitable for you. This role is suitable for people who can write impeccable content with a lot of creativity and go viral with the help of social media.

1. Writing articles which are related to company products or services.
2. Keep an eye on Google trends.
3. Collaborate with other team members to provide valuable inputs.
4. Referring other domain sites to get an idea.

Hiring Process: For this profile, most of the companies evaluate through content assessment test which covers parts of speech, identifying spelling mistakes, sentence correction, paragraph questions(reasoning), articles and how to write a business email.

II. SEO Executive: If your website has a good design but not getting traffic then it is of no use. So, the companies hire experts to promote the website and to get organic traffic and to improve keyword rankings. They are a variety of free and paid tools for SEO to know the results. Popular tools such as MOZ, screaming frog, semrush and ahref.

1. Performing keyword search with the help of google keyword planner.
2. Weekly and monthly keyword position report.
3. Perform off-page tactics to get backlinks from authorized domains and to improve keyword ranking.
4. Must be familiar with Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics.
5. Prepare a monthly report from Google Analytics.

Hiring Process:
1. Content assessment test
2. Technical Round
3. HR round

Profiles: As you gain experience your profile goes to SEO Analyst, SEO Strategist, SEO Expert and SEO Manager.

III. Social Media Executive: Most of the companies won’t allow the employees to access social media sites in office hours. But when comes to digital marketing you have a separate space called social media executive. In this competitive world, the presence of social media is very important to promote your products or services and to know what’s happening around the world. The main objective is to go viral and to generate the leads.

1. Handling companies social media networks and sharing with other groups.
2. The most important thing is handling client social media profiles and to show the traffic in google analytics.
3. SMM which is completely different and it is paid version.

Hiring Process:
1. Content Assessment/ Aptitude round
2. Technical round
3. HR round

IV. SEM or PPC Executive: This is an interesting and challenging profile where you need to complete work on Google Adwords. The main criteria is to generate leads to the business and convert them into sales. You have different types of campaigns: Search Network Campaign, Display Network Campaign, Video, Shopping and Universal app.

1. Implementing optimization solutions: Building campaigns for our high-value customers
2. Create Keywords packs, bids and budget suggestions. Gather and analyze data at the account level and campaign level
3. Create reports to support or aid the optimization /incremental opportunity strategies and/or support the team’s requirements for report creation and their analysis.

Hiring Process:
1. Aptitude round
2. Technical round
3. HR round

V. Email Marketing: The goal of email marketing is to reach existing customers by providing an offer or any festival sale. In the market a lot of tools are available which are of both free and paid. Even after completion of the campaign, the entire campaign performance is monitored.

1. Create an amazing template with the help of designing team.
2. Set the campaign to which customers it is useful.
3. Reports are generated and given to the higher management.

Hiring Process:
1. Content Assessment
2. Technical Round and
3. HR Round

VI. Digital Marketing Executive: When you combine all the above profiles it comes under Digital Marketing. A candidate has to have basic knowledge on all the parameters. He or She has to be well familiar with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Google Adwords and Google Tag Manager. Apart from the above tools now few companies are using free and paid tools which are available in the market.

1. A-Z responsibilities which are mentioned above.

Hiring Process:
1. Content Assessment or Aptitude round
2. Technical round
3. HR round

So, by this, we can say that there is a lot of career in digital marketing and opportunities are plenty of just skills play a prominent role.

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