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Why Management Studies play an important role in career growth

Why Management Studies play an important role in career growth Management education offers you, the essential push to your career, the problem is how you are taking decisions towards your career and what kind of intention that you are developing about your career. As usually, all B schools and universities are declaring that MBA plays [...] Read More

Importance of Business Administration

Why do you choose Business Administration? .entry-content{width:95% !important;} h2 {color:orange;} Business administration is a wide field which includes many kinds of management positions. From higher businesses to an independent business, every operation needs skillful administrator in order to get success. Because normally they have lots of enthusiasm, they always prepared for the things to face. [...] Read More

How to prepare for campus placements

How to prepare for campus placements? Studying hard for hours together will not make a successful way for a successful career, but the skill-oriented study which you are developed will make a way for a successful career in the corporate world. If you are aiming to place in any good company in the campus placements, [...] Read More


What is PGDM? Today, most of the students are getting confused to go for a PG. Still, they are in the dilemma that whether MBA or PGDM is better to grow in a career. There is a difference between PGDM and MBA. But, there are lots of benefits with PGDM. PGDM expands to Post Graduate [...] Read More

Should I go for an MBA or Job?

Should I go for an MBA or Job? Usually, most of the graduate students are in dilemma after completion of the graduation, whether they should do an MBA or job. If you want to grow in your career quickly, MBA is the best option to choose. If you would expecting good designation and reputation, MBA [...] Read More

Few Tips for Personal Interview

Few Tips for Personal Interview Dear Aspirants, after completion of the entrance exam and application submission the next step of getting into a B school are GD & PI rounds. In our previous post, we were discussing on GD opening and closing criteria. This article provides a few tips on personal Interview. The personal interview [...] Read More