Ather Electric Bike

Ather Electric Bike

Ather: Is it the Tesla of Indian Scooters?


Ather Energy, Not sure how many of you heard this name. In 2013 it is just another startup like thousand others but today it stands out. Here’s why It is an electric vehicle company which is started by IITians Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. The path they chose is quite challenging, It is not an easy thing to sell electric vehicles in a market like India.

Ather Challenge

In a market where vehicle sales are about 15 Million a year in which 5:1 market is captured only by petrol powered 2 wheelers, introducing a new segment and to make it succeed is no joke.


In the year 2014, Flipkart founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal invested $1 million in their Ather Energy after seeing their potential. Later that company receives 12 million dollars from Tiger Group to invest in development. In 2016 Hero MotoCorp invested a huge amount of 30 million dollars. You can’t attract investors unless we have some potential.



India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. We can see motorcycles in every home. Even the numbers of cars are growing every day. It results in huge pollution. Apart from Industries and other things vehicle pollution is a serious threat to our environment. Especially for a country with 130 crores of population. To stop that pollution going electric is the only.

If we see what Tesla is doing, they are making solar panels, by which we can collect energy in batteries. Through that battery, we can power the home and our vehicle. As of now, Ather is not there yet, they are just starting their journey but in the right direction.

First success

Electric scooters are used to be ugly and low power with low range, but Ather changed that. Their flagship model Ather 450 looks stunning, It can speed 40 kmph in 3.9 seconds and it has a top speed of 80kmph with a range of 75km. Which is great for city commuting.

It even has a reverse mode, It acts just like a car. They released an app to get interact with the vehicle, to know its charging status, to book a service and more. And the best part is that instead of a speedometer they are giving a 7-inch touch screen where we can take or reject calls, navigate through maps etc without having to take out our phone.

Surely Ather vehicles are not for everyone, at least for now, they have targeted city commuters. As of now they launched in Bangalore and are offering charging points all over the city. but if they managed to do this in their first attempt, we can be sure they will be better in the coming years.

Inspiration from Tesla

Looks like Ather inspired a lot from Tesla, from setting up charging points to releasing OTA updates to its fully digital speedometer where we can even navigate by using maps. But that Inspiration is good, it will benefit the user.

Ather claims that their battery will last a long life of 50,000 kms. And they are even giving free charging and included some other charging plans also. The price of the vehicle is around 1 lakh twenty thousand. It is by no means a cheap bike, we can also find some other scooties in that segment like Piaggio Vespa which is powered by petrol. Ather even have a cheaper version 340 which costs about 1 lakh ten thousand.


We are not sure whether Ather will be a success or not, but they have a good start. Let’s Hope they do well great in the future. If they become the success we can see some less polluted cities at least.

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