Anger The Human Suicide Bomb

Anger The Human Suicide Bomb

Anger- The Human Suicide Bomb

Probably why anyone will get anger? They are billion of reasons to answer this question. Maybe when things aren’t happening around us according to the plans. Anger doesn’t have any age group, which is easily identified in anyone’s facial expression. Unfortunately, this deadly virus which leads to- stress, high blood pressure, conflicts between relationships, at times even getting isolated among friends, colleagues & family. Anger makes us forget

1. Who we are?
2. What we are?
3. What we are doing?

When a person is in anger mood whether he/she does know what they are doing. It is very difficult to control them. “Speaking when angry” is one of the bad habits which holds us back from success says, Marshall Goldsmith in his bestseller book, ” What Got You Here Won’t Get You There “. Anger has its value as a management tool. But this emotional volatility is not the most reliable leadership tool. When we get angry, we are usually out of control. It’s hard to lead people when we have lost control. We may think we have a handle on our temper, that we can use our spontaneous rages to manipulate and motivate people. But it’s very hard to predict how people will react to our anger.

Is it possible to control our anger?

There are thousands of books, articles and websites which tells us how to control the anger. But let me try to give the most simple and the best among all these I have read. Paul Deeds of Crystal Concepts suggests, when anger runs through our bloodstreams, try doing the following :

1) Calm Ourselves:

Take a deep breath, picture a relaxing scene we like and tell ourselves,” relax, take it easy “. Of course, we heard this dialogue in movies also whether you would remember it or not.

2) Think twice before we say anything:

The thing is tongue is a very powerful & dangerous weapon. When angry, it is easy to start cursing or saying wild things to our target. Pause a while and think is it worth picking up this fight. Is it better to be silent?

3) Take a small walk:

Walking makes our brain to release endorphins which gives a sense of well being and makes us relax & focus on one thing.

4) Work with people who made us angry :

Do this when we are calm to make sure that the person or people who have angered us will also be calm. This way, we will all be able to focus on the problems at hand.

5) Make an ” Anger Log Book ” :

Write down all situations that set us off in an “anger logbook”. This keeps track of our reactions to everyday situations. This is a very useful tool in keeping our anger in check as we can review the situation and try to solve it on a later date.

6) Learn some relaxation skills :

Learning relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercise or meditation or yoga can help us to control our anger.

7) Let go our anger :

Now that we have our anger under control, we can start expressing it without damaging any relationships or properties. Always remember, anger can really damage our health and it’s better we let it go than bringing our blood pressure up.

So next time when you start to speak out of anger, better you look in the mirror. In every case, you will find that the root of your rage is not “out there” but “in here”. You are no more a human bomb who carries anger- the deadly weapon which is the biggest obstacle to our personal and professional success.

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