Advantages of Doing PGDM Course in B-School

MBA Degree trains you on how to make smart decisions in your company, but PGDM prepares you for entrepreneurship by teaching you how to make smart decisions without fear of financial loss. In this article, we will talk about the Advantages of doing a PGDM Course in B-School. 

Reasons to Pursue PGDM in B-School

  1. The PGDM course provides an opportunity for you to build a career in the digital world. At the same time, it will equip you with business skills and attitudes that are crucial for success in any field. 
  2. The PGDM students are taught to think ‘out of the box’ so that they can be ready to face the challenges of the fast-changing business environment.
  3. The curriculum for PGDM is designed to develop critical thinking and analytical skills amongst its students. 
  4. The curriculum for the PGDM provides a holistic development of personality based on knowledge of Management, Economics, Business Analytics, Accountancy, and Finance.
  5. The course enables you to attain a complete understanding of the Indian Free Market Economy and Government policies.
  6. It develops an understanding of financial management and related issues including risk analysis and capital investment decisions leading to a thorough knowledge of Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, and Management.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PGDM

Let’s dive into the advantages of doing PGDM Course in B-School to help in your career

Advantages of Doing PGDM Course in B-School

  • PGDM provides for both theoretical and practical knowledge of management, making it an excellent choice for students who want to pursue both management and business degrees.
  • It helps students in understanding the most up-to-date trends in business, making them more employable. 
  • It increases your chances of getting an interview, which you would otherwise miss if you don’t opt for the PGDM course.
  • It is a great way to make connections in the business world and build a name in the corporate sector over a period of time.


  • PGDM is considered very time-consuming and it can take up to 4 years before graduating.
  • It does not provide for either theory or practical knowledge of management but only emphasizes industry knowledge and development.  the theoretical or the practical knowledge of management, making it less useful than other course options like MBA or BAS.
  • It is not an alternative to MBA because PGDM is merely a postgraduate degree, not an MBA.
  • Students do not get anything for their money; they are given a slip of paper with signatures from the faculty members.

Is PGDM a Good Option?

The PGDM program lets students decide what kind of specialization they want. This can be found in an elective course. A student can choose their specialization based on his/ her interests and skill set. Currently, your degree won’t mean anything if you do not have good skills and abilities. PGDM is mainly about developing the necessary skills hence it is one of the best options available. This course is a good option as the students will not have to spend as much time as those who pursue a bachelor’s degree. This course is designed in a way to build confidence in the students so that they will be able to face all the challenges in the corporate world.

Why PGDM is Better than MBA?

MBA Degree is a degree with a focus on management and financial expertise. It will give you a general overview of what it takes to be a great leader and decision-maker. PGDM Degree is an executive degree in management with a focus on leadership and marketing skills. It will give you all the tools to be a successful entrepreneur who has both business knowledge and creativity along with a great understanding of how to run a business as well as understand the market dynamics. The basic difference between MBA Degree and PGDM degree is the focus on the ‘how’ of everything. MBA focuses on business knowledge while PGDM focuses on business skills.

An MBA degree will give you an understanding of the market and how you can best maneuver to take advantage of it. PGDM will teach you the same but with the knowledge of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. At the end of the day, both PGDM and MBA will give you insight into how to strategize and think outside the box, but only PGDM will teach you how to implement those strategies and overcome any economic challenges that present themselves. This is why students prefer PGDM over MBA as their future career option. 


PGDM is becoming the first choice of the students that are willing to develop skills instead of spending years in other courses. The main advantage of doing PGDM in business school is that you get acquainted with industry people who have practical knowledge about the market dynamics. We hope this article increased your knowledge about the advantages of doing PGDM Course in B-School and its advantages in developing your future career. We wish you good luck in your future ventures and hope for the best. 

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