6 Questions need to be answered when you start a career

6 Questions need to be answered when you start a career

The happiest moment in everyone’s life is when they start the career or when they step into the first job. At the same time, one has to remember one thing the second journey of life begins; but, not an easy way to run like college days; one has to go through the difficulties of it. Choice the right career which is suitable for you. One has to learn how to balance both of them. When they know how to balance then, definitely they will achieve success in life & career. Here are the 6 questions that need to be answered when one starts their career.


1. Learning:

Here interest plays a prominent role over here. One needs to have self-interest & hungry to learn new things. At the initial stage of career one has to have a lot of patience, need to adjust to the surrounding conditions/environment and everything won’t move according to them. Every day one has to learn something new. End-of-the-day one has to question themselves whether they are learning & adapting new skills or not?

2. Growing:

Growth is an important parameter in everyone’s life. One has to look at whether there is certain growth in the career or not. As you are gaining experience, additional responsibilities & tasks are assigned to you. Take it in a positive way & work on it. Of course, it is a challenging one where one can improve their skill sets. This would analyze your performance as well.

3. Respected:

A simple example which relates to respect is “when you do good you’ll be respected in the society” but, “when you do bad everyone will point out you”. One of the famous dialogue which we often hear “Give respect & take respect”. In corporate world kid behavior won’t work; people often make fun & at the same time respect is not gained. Never settle for feeling degraded or under-appreciated. Respect- It depends on the behavior, the way one responds to other words. You need to think of it do people listen to you & care about your opinion? Do they consider your decisions which you bring them to their table?

4. Performance:

Self-evaluation is important in your career. You need to analyze your performance whether you are performing up to the company’s expectations or not. If the top-level management is happy with your performance & they gave you positive feedback; still keep on trying to explore more & develop new technical skills. If your performance is not good don’t be disappointed just start from the ground level & be strong in fundamentals.

5. Happy:

The first question which everyone asks: Are you happy with your job?
It’s very difficult to question to answer. But, think about yourself whether you are satisfied with your job or not. One can easily guess the answer by the way you respond(in a fumbling way) or by seeing your facial expression.

6. Loved:

From morning till evening you are surrounded by colleagues. So, the question is are you loved by everyone? Just think from your heart; you can know the answer.
“Be honest to yourself”.

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