5 tools to automate your business tasks

5 tools to automate your business tasks

As a small business owner, you’re probably looking to save as much time, money and labor as you can. Saving is the name of the game.

However, it might save you valuable time & by doing other things. Certain processes are cheaper, more efficient and effective when automated. Here are 5 helpful tools to get your processes rolling so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business to success.

1.ChattyPeople- One stop shop for all messenger E-Commerce needs

As so many firms are starting to utilize Facebook Messenger in their marketing and sales process, ChattyPeople is looking to help make integration into Messenger seamless. ChattyPeople acts as a one-stop shop for all your Messenger E-Commerce needs. Their platform allows you to put up products, track metrics, and even integrates with all major payment systems. In the market they are so many small business & most of them are practicing to sell the product through online to reach a large number of people. Then the best solution is ChattyPeople definitely a great tool to have.

2. Deluxe Payroll- An automate payroll services

If you aren’t already automating your payroll services, then I highly suggest you start now. Not only do companies like Deluxe take the stress out of handling payday, they additionally have the support staff to help keep with regulations as well. Plus, using a platform like this add an extra layer of security to your payroll services, leaving you with a sense of comfort that there won’t be any discrepancies.

3. MailChimp- An email marketing tool

MailChimp has been an absolutely dominant player in the automated marketing world, and rightfully so. Their platform not only makes email marketing easier, but they’ve now expanded to allowing for social media automation as well. This is a savior for any small business looking to help make their marketing efforts more efficient. At the end of the marketing, this tool generates the entire analytics report.

4. Buffer- To schedule out your social media posts

If MailChimp helps automate the design and posting process of your marketing efforts, then look towards Buffer as great support. Buffer allows you to schedule out your social media posts to the most efficient times, letting you set up and let the rest do the work. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to plan out your weekly/monthly social media at once rather than constantly having to be reminded of it.

5. Quip- A tool which helps in automate tasks & assignments

A quip is a great tool in helping teams automate tasks and assignments. After the tasks and assignments are assigned each & every individual should plan in such a way that the tasks should be completed based upon the priorities. This helps make workflow more productive and efficient, saving your team a ton of time. Plus, it helps keep everyone on the same page in being able to communicate in a streamlined channel. Think about using Quip if you’re looking to improve your team’s processes.

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