5 Mobile Marketing practices

5 Mobile Marketing practices- Every business should adopt

Not even books, these days each & every individual are holding smartphones & in which the time spent in a day is not less than five hours and approximately checking a mobile 150 times a day. Mobile devices are firmly entrenched as today’s leading digital media. By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all digital advertising.

This applies to all e-commerce sites; even product-review sites like Yelp or Best Advisor are in this mix. The message is that if you’re not being smart about reaching your customers via mobile, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. So, how can you be smart?

Here are five mobile marketing practices companies must adopt in the age of “the mobile moment.”

1. Location Based Marketing

Generally, these type of marketing will usually follow the traditional way of marketing i.e when the customers pass through the store the way in which the company has promoted a product or a service is very effective which brings customers to the store.

1. In this context, Foursquare recently released Foursquare Analytics which grant client businesses and marketers access to location intelligence.

The company has also moved to integrate Uber into its system, enabling users both to discover places to go and also get there, using the same app. In fact, users can now order a ride from inside Foursquare City Guide without having to switch applications.

2. In-app Marketing

Without an app, it is impossible to reach your target customers & as we see there is huge competition in the market so as to sustain. With the help of in-app marketing, any organization can fuel relevance and engagement, which in turn drives retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

The same case which was faced by India’s Federal Bank as a result of “demonetization plan” (when it replaced its 500 and 1,000 rupee notes with 2000 notes). Within months of the plan’s implementation, over 14 million Indians downloaded the bank’s new apps, and digital-payment use surged up to 80-fold among India’s 260 million smartphone owners.

3. SMS Marketing

Mobile text marketing is the focus of many misconceptions, but with 91 percent of millennials text messaging weekly, marketing is essential. Many corporations, including Coca-Cola, Walmart and Toys have integrated text messaging into their mobile marketing strategies.

Mostly these type of marketing is used by companies when they have a weekend offer, season sale (offer) or any special discount of a specific product based upon the previous sale.

4. Mobile Marketing Measurement

Mobile ad revenue recently surpassed the amount spent on desktop ad revenue. With billions of dollars being dedicated to reaching customers on their mobile devices, a scientific approach to mobile marketing has become necessary. AppsFlyer illustrates this approach, as a mobile attribution and marketing data-analytics company that helps marketers pinpoint their targeting optimize their ad spend and boost their ROI.

5. QR Codes

One way to swiftly provide relevant information to mobile users is through the use of QR codes. These digital bar codes act as shortcuts for getting valuable information into the hands of customers and prospects. QR codes are highly versatile and can function as a Facebook “like” button as well as offer coupons, provide tourists with information and perform other functions.

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