Why Dropouts Become CEOs In US

Why Dropouts Become CEOs In US?

If you say you wanna drop out from studies, probably you will expect this response from your friends, relatives, and of course from family; pagal hai kya? (are you crazy?). With tone and tenor entirely different at home. Surely, your ears will swell out.

And you might expect this from one of your professors at college – Grass may be greener elsewhere, boy!

You might end up blaming the system (?) at the end of the day.

In Indian society point of view, education is an ultimate achievement. That is, success is how good your education is and where (college or university) you pursue that. The better the college or university, the better your status in the society. Prestige matters here more than figuring out your calling and pursuing it.

That’s how the social milieu is inextricably connected.

In contrast, in the West, importantly in the US, pursuit of interest becomes first priority so much so it drives out the rest behind, even if it is a seat in Harvard Business School.

Take for example Jan Koum, who migrated from the Ukraine to the States. He worked in grocery store to support his mother, but was interested in programming. Later, he worked as security tester in a company. Then he worked in Yahoo. After working there for seven years, he has applied for a position in Facebook. But, he was rejected.

During the period, there was a buzz of iPhone. When he glanced through the apps in that magical device, then and there he got the idea and its substantial impact in the future. It was revolutionary. And without much brain drain, he named that idea as WhatsApp and founded along with his colleague Brian Acton . He was the CEO.

Just as the saying goes, “an idea can change your life” can actually change billions of others lives. Once rejected by Facebook, he is now one of the board of directors with pay equal to Mark’s — just $ 1.

It’s all in the approach of societies that promote ideas for greater good, cutting across race, color, ethnicity, cultures and customs.

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