Tryst With The East India Company

“What dost ye knoweth about our company?”

You know that this is a typical question most recruiters most likely to throw at you in interviews.

“Why,” you might think “then, the question sounds like Shakespearean English? Like the Eighteenth Century slang.”

Stretch your imagination, if you can, a few centimeters and fancy the historic East India Company waking up to the modern times, like Rip Van Winkle does, from its a century of deep slumber and is now at your campus for placements.

And it is expected. A mob of students gathering at the placement office and shouting slogans in chorus,throwing fists into the air, and saying, “ we don’t want this East India Company. We want only reputed MNCs and domestic companies such as Facebook, Google, Deloitte, ….”

Pink-faced because of the situation, one of the company officials would stand up, and say in a soothing voice, “ Dear ye student folks! Greetings from Her Majesty Queen…”

“ ….ye knoweth naught what ye speaketh.” “translation please,” someone from students shouted randomly jokingly.

“Okay, in Indian English,” began the English HR.

“ You might not know that ours is the first Multinational Company in the history of companies. Our regional offices are in Metros Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay. Some are located in Indonesia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Singapore, and Eastern China. That’s the proof.”

“ we never lack innovators. We introduced Railways. Telegram. Postal Services. And of course Tea and Cigars. There were inspiring administrators as Sir Thomas Munroe, Sir Arthur Cotton, writers as CP Brown, Nobel Laureates like Sir Ronald Ross and the list makes you and me exhausted.”

“ and of course ill-tempered fellows like Colonel Reginald Dyer. Just like good and bad people in society, our company is mixture of good and bad. You can call it a mini-society.”

“ And you think of on-site work. We are the pioneers in that. We sent our recruits to Ceylon, Myanmar, the Colonies (the US now), South Africa, and the list is too big to mention here. You see we did it even before Apple, Facebook, and other folks did.”

“ When it comes to salary, you get more than what the present MNCs offer you. You get gifts from feudals and local rulers. And of course, immense respect from people.”

The old English fellow almost persuaded students. Almost won over them. One by one slowly but convincingly went away to attend the interview from next day onwards.

And that’s how an HR does his job turning the tables to his advantage. Skillfully. Convincingly.

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