Commodity and Energy Markets

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  • 3 Hours
  • English
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Gain CPE:5 Credits

This course is designed to help users understand the characteristic of commodity and energy market. It includes in-depth discussion of commodity derivatives such as commodity forwards, commodity futures, commodity options and commodity swaps.

1 Hour

Module 1: Commodity Markets

  • Understanding what are commodity markets
  • Types of commodities and their characteristics
  • Concept of commodity market liquidity
  • Distribution of commodity returns
1 Hour

Module 2: Energy Markets

  • Natural Gas Markets
  • Electricity Markets
  • Delivery and Settlement in the Energy Markets
  • Energy Futures Markets
  • OTC Energy Derivative Markets
  • Emerging Energy Commodity Markets
1 Hour

Module 3: Commodity Derivatives

  • Commodity forward contracts
  • Commodity future contracts
  • Commodity options
  • Commodity swaps

    Understand types of commodity and their characteristics

    Understand types of commodity derivatives

    Understand the commodity and energy markets

Recommended for:

Those who are interested in understanding commodity markets.