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Life at SSIMSiva Sivani strongly believes in motivating the students to become leaders by giving them ample opportunity to explore what they have within them. In order to provide such opportunities, Siva Sivani has designed various Extra Curricular Activities to enable the students to understand the importance of coordination, teamwork, group dynamics, oneness etc. To give a structure to these, SSIM has named these activities uniquely starting the first letter of every activity with an ’S’ as in ‘Siva Sivani’. The programmes are detailed below:


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Life @ SSIM

We believe in the saying that goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Hence, we offer ample opportunities for our students to entertain themselves and also learn while they have fun. Cultural activities, sports, management meets and academic conferences are an inherent part of the life @ SSIM. Through these activities and events, students learn the importance of team work, coordination and group dynamics; they also develop leadership qualities, personality skills and the ability to adapt to diverse environments. The events also give students a chance to explore the creativity within them and serve as a platform for them to exhibit their talents. The events all have a unique name, starting with 'S', resembling the first alphabets in 'Siva Sivani'.

Freshers parties are organised to help new students to mingle and bond with the senior students. These programmes, named Spandana and Samskriti, gives the new students a chance to understand and familiarise with the life at SSIM. While Spandana is the welcome party given to the new students by their seniors, Samskriti is the traditional welcome, in which the students are required to dress traditionally, representing the state/region they come from. Smriti is the farewell function organised by the juniors for the seniors. Snatak, one of the main events of the year, is the convocation ceremony, where students are given their degrees.

There are also international conferences and intercollegiate meets that are organised. Various student clubs conduct programmes and competitive events around the year to promote the spirit of sportsmanship among students. Samanvay is a 2-day intercollegiate fest in which not only students from other colleges, but also members from the corporate world participate. Sammelan, on the other hand, is an intra-collegiate programme organised solely for the students of SSIM. All these programmes help in promoting ties between students and also teachers, and serves to establish a healthy relationship which would benefit students in character building.

Equally important is Sneha, the alumni association of SSIM. Programmes are arranged for ex-students to give them a feeling that they still belong to the SSIM family. The institute in turn benefits from its ex-students in terms of their support, and various social contributions.


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After the commencement of the classes the Junior students ( freshers) are asked to come in traditional dresses and represent the culture of the state which they represent. This promotes integration among the students who come from various colleges. Various competitions are held and a panel of judges select and award the titles - Mr. and Miss Samskriti.

Meeting and parting is a way of life. After the completion of the course, it is certain that the seniors part with the juniors. In order to express their feelings and the unwritten bonding between the seniors and the juniors, the juniors bid a grand farewell to the seniors in the 6th trimester. Various activities are organised in order to further strengthen the relationship even after leaving the portals of the institute. The juniors present mementoes asa fond memory to the seniors.

The institute strongly believes in inter personnel relations and teamwork in order to give a feeling of oneness to the freshers. The Seniors conduct 'Spandana' to warmly and formally welcome their Juniors into the family of Siva Sivani.

We at Siva Sivani strongly believe that the Alumni Association has a greater role to play in the developmental activities of the institute. To strengthen our relationship with the ex-students of our institute. We conduct various activities and invite them to our campus after their course. This gives a feeling to every student of SSIM that they are still a part of SSIM family.

sameelan_2010_1.jpgSAMMELAN - AN INTRA COLLEGIATE MEET An intra collegiate meet of our students to bring out the innate talent of the students. Various cultural activities, management games etc. form a part of the activities. One day is earmarked for this activity which, usually takes place in resorts.

Sammelan 2010
The students organise club activities under HR, Marketing, Finance & Systems Club to bring our the latent talent. Students make various presentations, conduct formal and informal activities such as quizzes, group discussions, management related games, etc. In order to develop and nourish the creativity that is abundantly available in every one of us. These activities help students to improve their oral and written communication skills and participate effectively in the competitions conducted by various Business Schools.

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