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Siva Sivani Institute of Management offers one of the best MBA equivalent PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) programs, with various fields of specialization, in and around the city. The institute offers residential as well as non-residential programs. Both the programs have two-year (six trimesters) programs with over 40+ courses. The courses are all approved by AICTE and have been designed by eminent professionals and experts to ensure that they equip the students with the knowledge and skills required of them in present times. Compulsory IT and Systems have been incorporated into the syllabus so that students are well-versed with the latest technology and competent to work and interact in IT based environments.

The PGDM courses offered by Sivani Institute are equal in quality and content to the best MBA programs offered by prestigious and top ranked management institutes and business schools across the country.

The curriculum at SSIM also lays emphasis upon Written Analysis, Business Communication and Personality Development in order to develop soft skills. In the first year, a Book Review session is conducted each term to encourage reading habits among students. Every student reads and reviews one book per team (related to management or self-improvement) and then presents it for the rest of the batch. Thus, students get the opportunity to read/familiarize with over 360 books. In the second year, the Article Review session enhances the students' knowledge about contemporary issues and practices.

The presentations are evaluated by a team of two faculty members with the aid of audiovisual technology. Presentations are recorded and feedback given through the electronic media. This process helps in the continuous assessment and analysis of presentation skills of the students. It also allows teachers to statistically analyze their performance over time.

SSIM Residential Courses

Under the Residential Program, students are required to reside in the campus. This is because Residential Programs are more demanding of students in terms of work, and expected feedback. Hence, in order to ensure that they have round the clock access to the facilities and infrastructure provided in the campus, it is compulsory for students to avail campus accommodation facilities.

The timing of residential programs is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The working days are from Monday to Saturday. Public holidays and the first Saturday of every month will be non-working days.

The PGDM (Triple Specialization)This unique program offers students the chance to specialize in three different arenas of management, thus preparing them to take up roles that demand cross functional skills and authority in multiple areas. The PGDM (TPS) has been designed such that students have the option of choosing one major and one minor specialization among Finance/Marketing/HR/System, ERP, along with one elective from Retail Management, Banking, Event Management, BPO Management, and Insurance Management. The Institute reserves the right to introduce new major and or minor electives whenever necessary.

PGDM(Marketing)This program has been designed keeping in the mind the high market demand for marketing personnels. It was started in 2006. The curriculum of the program is constantly revised and redesigned in order to cater to the changing needs and demands of the commercial market. Topics such as Visual merchandising, Marketing of IT and ITES, Corporate communications, ERP, Field sales management etc. Courses like ERP ensure that students are competent to work in an IT-based environment. Students are given a glimpse of the real world of marketing by exposure to live, on-going projects in corporate sectors. Additionally, students are also required to do a 60-days internship that would give them hands-on experience of marketing and sales management.


HR specialists are required by almost every commercial sector these days. The PGDM (HR) course at SSIM focuses on producing HR specialists who are capable of taking up the challenge of securing and sustaining the best human resources out there. The course is a mix of both academics and practical inputs, in order to ensure that SSIM graduates are capable of competing with the best HR professionals in the market. The last two terms of this programs concentrates on internship wherein they will be working with HR professionals. This gives students to interact and learn from the top HR buffs in the city.

PGDM (Banking, Insurance, Finance and allied services)The PGDM-BIFAAS program, introduced in the academic year 2007-08, is an umbrella course that encompasses various finance related areas of management. Specialization in three major areas- Finance, Insurance & Banking- is offered under this course. It is a unique and highly specialized program that includes various diverse and contemporary topics such as Risk management in Banks, Technology management in Banks, Claims management in insurance, Actuarial science etc. The program also offers courses like Security analysis and portfolio management, Wealth management, Capital markets under Finance.
Students of this course are required to undergo a mandatory 8-weeks internship and a specialization project at the end of the course.

SSIM Non-Residential Courses

Students of Non-Residential Programs may or may not reside in the campus, depending on their convenience. The timing for non-residential programs is from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p. m. The working days are from Monday to Saturday. Public holidays and the first Saturday of every month will be non-working days.
SSIM offers three courses under the Non-Residential Program :

PGDM (Global Business)Globalization has made the world in itself a global market. This course has been designed keeping in mind the global requirement for students who are capable of working across countries and can adapt themselves to international market needs and requirements. The course has been well thought out and executed, including global marketing thoughts and the latest global practices in the syllabus.

PGDM (Banking, Insurance, Finance and allied services)This unique program, the first of its kind in the country, offers specialization in three major management sectors – Banking, Insurance and Finance. The program helps in developing students who are multi skilled and efficient to take up any job in the financial sector.

The PGDM (Triple Specialization)PGDM (TPS) program prepares students to become multi skilled and multifaceted in the field of Management and Marketing. The course equips students with cross functional skills and familiarizes them with the latest technology. Students have the option of choosing one major and one minor specialization from Finance/Marketing/HR/System, ERP and one elective from Retail Management, Banking, Event Management, BPO Management, and Insurance Management. The institute reserves the right to introduce/remove new major and minor electives whenever necessary.