PGDM Marketing


This program has been designed keeping in the mind the high market demand for marketing personnel. It was started in 2006. The PGDM Marketing curriculum is constantly revised and redesigned in order to cater to the changing needs and demands of the commercial market. Topics such as Visual Merchandising, Marketing of IT and ITES, Corporate communications, ERP, Field sales management etc and courses like ERP ensure that students are competent to work in an IT-based environment. Students are given a glimpse of the real world of marketing by exposure to live, on-going projects in corporate sectors. Also, there is a lot of scope and career opportunities in PGDM Marketing.
Internship: 60-days internship (students can acquire hands-on experience of marketing and sales management).

PGDM Marketing

PGDM Marketing Syllabus

111. Management and Organizational behavior

112. Managerial Accounting

113. Business Statistics

114. Managerial Communication -1
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and BRS)

115. Information Technology for Managers

121.Operations Research

122.Managerial Communication -2
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and Book Review Session )

123.Financial Management

124.Marketing Management –1

125. Managerial Economics

126.Information Technology for managers

131. Research Methods

132. Managerial Communication – 3
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and ARS)

133. Operations Management

134. Management Accounting

135. Marketing Management – II

136. Management Information Systems

137. Human Resources Management

241. Strategic Management

242. Consumer Behaviour

243. Field Sales Management

244. Services Marketing and
Customer Relationship Management

245. Minor – 1

246. Sectorial – 1

247. Managerial Communication – 4

251. Entrepreneurship

252. Product and Brand Management

253. Integrated Marketing Communications

254. Minor – 2

255. Product and Brand Management

256. Integrated Marketing Communications

227. Managerial Communication – 5

261. Project Management

262. International Business

263. Ethics and Corporate Governance