PGDM General


PGDM General Management is a unique program at SSIM. The program is designed to suit the requirements of the industry, which is constantly looking for Managers with cross-functional skills equipped with IT acumen. This program prepares the aspirant with multifaceted functionality to meet the future challenges and achieve higher growth in their career. A student will have the opportunity to get deeper insights in three areas by choosing specializations from the given electives during the second year. These courses are offered in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations & IT apart from allied areas like Business Analytics, Insurance, Banking, Retail, etc., A student has to study 10 electives, apart from compulsory subjects, in aggregate during the second year. As a part of that, students are allowed to choose three specializations from below. If a student wants to claim as a major in one area, he/she should study a minimum of 5 courses in that area.

PGDM General

PGDM General Syllabus

111. Management and Organizational Behavior

112. Managerial Accounting

113. Business Statistics

114. Managerial Communication – 1
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and BRS)

115. Information Technology for Managers

121. Operations Research

122. Managerial Communication -2
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and Book Review Session )

123. Financial Management

124. Marketing Management –1

125. Managerial Economics

126. Human Resource Management

131. Research Methods

132. Managerial Communication – 3
(Business English, Business Communication, PD and ARS)

133. Operations Management

134. Management Accounting

135. Marketing Management –II

136. Management Information Systems

137. Business Environment & Legal Aspects of Business Experiential Learning

211. Consumer Behaviour

241. Strategic Management

242. Human Resource Development

243. Industrial Relations and Labor Laws

244. Leadership and Change Management

245. Minor –1

246. Sectoral –1

248. Managerial Communication – 4

251. Entrepreneurship

252. Compensation Management

253. Human Resource Information Systems

254. Minor-2

255. Minor – 3

256. Sectoral – 2

257. Managerial Communication – 5

231. Law, Ethics & Governance

261. Project Management

262. International Business

263. Ethics and Corporate Governance


Reading the newspaper which are related to marketing topics so as to gain knowledge & to develop the skills which are required for a marketing person.


These skills cover a variety of areas such as the structure of your presentation, the design of your slides, the tone of your voice, and body language you convey.

Case Study Activity

The cases are designed to present typical but specific problems that are likely to arise in today’s world of business, developing as well as testing each student’s ability to explore their analytical skills.

Leadership Skills

Training is the best way for managers to enhance their ability to inspire and motivate the individual team to achieve outstanding business results.  The focus of a first year is a better understanding yourself as a leader and creating a  foundation

Building self-confidence

However, self-confidence cannot be built in you by one night it needs understanding and having faith in you, trust in yourself work hard and you can achieve all your goals

Key Highlights

  • 2-year program
  • Training to each individual
  • High-quality learning experiences that are associated with physical classrooms
  • Interactive and applied to learn in sectoral context