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The Business at Box Office

The Business at Box Office Baahubali 2 It’s not a Hollywood movie. It’s neither a Steven Spielberg’s adventure movie nor a James Cameron’s sci-fi. He is not Christopher Nolan of…

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Startup Diaries – Swiggy

Startup Diaries – Swiggy So you want to eat your favorite food right at your home? Probably you might have searched on the internet especially in Amazon and Flipkart whether…

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Fiscal Deficit An Asli Sawal

Fiscal Deficit An Asli Sawal Consider this illustration before understanding what the fiscal deficit is. A certain man has 10 000 bucks as income. It can also be his revenue….

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Doha Round And E-commerce

Doha Round And E-commerce In a day or two, the World Trade Organization Director-General Roberto Azevedo will visit India, one of the two inflexible members of its 164 member states,…

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The Budget 2017 Glimpses

The Budget 2017 Glimpses Unlike the previous budgets, the budget 2017 was presented on February 1 by Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, without much hype. It’s like hitting the…

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