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Let America Think Again

Let America Think Again Ever since the election campaigns have begun in the States, everyone, not just the US nationals, including the citizens of other countries around the world expected…

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The Etiquettes of Group Discussion

The Etiquettes of Group Discussion So you’re called for Group Discussion, shortly GD, before you’re asked to attend Personal Interview, as the three tier process of admission into management education….

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Why Dropouts Become CEOs In US

Why Dropouts Become CEOs In US? If you say you wanna drop out from studies, probably you will expect this response from your friends, relatives, and of course from family;…

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Tryst With The East India Company

“What dost ye knoweth about our company?” You know that this is a typical question most recruiters most likely to throw at you in interviews. “Why,” you might think “then,…

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Abrakadabra Alibaba

Abrakadabra Alibaba “Once upon a time there was…” All ears. Sleep slowly escapes those tiny little eyes.That’s how the bedtime stories interestingly go. Riveting. And asking for more. But are…

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And The Award Goes To

And The Award Goes To… On 15 December 2016, the government of India along with NITI Aayog announced two schemes namely Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana. The…

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Europe Boiling Conundrum

Europe The Ever Boiling Conundrum In the wake of Italy’s recent referendum vote, Europe again has been on spotlight. This time its the turn of Italians to say NO to…

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