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Startup Diaries -TAC Security

Startup Diaries -TAC Security Sometime ago, the news of cyber fraud with over 32 lakh debit cards of various public and private sector banks in India facing security threats due…

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The Budget 2017 Glimpses

The Budget 2017 Glimpses Unlike the previous budgets, the budget 2017 was presented on February 1 by Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, without much hype. It’s like hitting the…

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5 Things About The Budget 2017

5 Things About The Budget 2017 The Union Budget of India will be tabled today. Before that let us know 5 things about The Budget 2017 and their significance. 1….

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The History Of A Budget

The History Of A Budget Come February every year, almost everyone – from farmers to financial markets to businesses to employees to petty labourers – eagerly looks up to the…

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A Petty Thing Called GDP

A Petty Thing Called GDP If necessity is the mother of invention, then war will be the grandmother of it. Wars in the history past led to many discoveries and…

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Know Your Central Bank RBI

Know Your Central Bank RBI Before 1935, there was no central bank in British Colonial India except Imperial Bank of India, the forerunner of the State Bank of India, doing…

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Basel Norms

An Oracle To Banks Called Basel Norms Think of Switzerland (not for a trip, anyway!). The status symbol ROLEX and the other famous watches, the delectable chocolates ladies can crave…

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Path-breaker in Management Studies

SSIM: The Path-breaker in Management Studies The monsoon arrived. And it’s raining everywhere, from just drizzling to downpour. You may be wondering what the monsoon to do with management studies….

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